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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tribute to Ashwin Kumar by Pankaj Vaidya

Hi folks, 

I'm sharing with you all, something which left me speechless :) :) - a tribute written to me, by UnReal columnist Pankaj Vaidya ...on account of me having completed 100 articles for The UnReal Times :) ...

Thank you so much, Pankaj !! ..Really very kind & nice of you :)....Like I said, I'm speechless, overwhelmed, honored, humbled...I dunno what to say! :) ....Feels really special to know that there are people who truly value my work !! :) Thanks again !! :) God bless you !!


Citizen Satarist Ashwin Kumar completes 100 Posts on UnReal Times

On 1st October, with an article titled “Mulayam Singh Yadav to make Urdu commentary compulsory forthe Indian Grand Prix”, Ashwin Kumar completed 100 posts for “The Unreal Times”.

Ravi Shastri said on the occasion “Ashwin raced to his century like a tracer bullet. He has taken an
unassailable lead in this satire Grand Prix and it can only be said that in the end the game of satire was
the real winner”.

Turning to Mulayam Singh Yadav, Ravi Shastri asked “So Mulayamji, how do you feel about the fact that
Ashwin reached his magic milestone off you?” Mulayam said “This again proves that I am the kingmaker.
Ashwin may be the single largest citizen satirist on The Unreal Times but he needed my support to reach
the magic figure”. Mulayam further added “And to add to what Ashwin said, this season’s Grand Prix
course will have dangerous U turns along the way”.

Prominent persons from all walks of life congratulated Ashwin Kumar on this achievement. Prime
Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh said “I thank Ashwin for giving voice to my silence these past 2 years.” BJP
President Nitin Gadkari congratulated him and sent him a basket of samosas. Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi
has drawn a cartoon in Ashwin’s honor.

Indian Express editor Shekhar Gupta has invited Ashwin to join his newspaper. “Together we can take
Journalism of Mirage to new heights” he said.

Meanwhile Ashwin Kumar said on his Facebook page “First of all, deepest thanks to the UnReal
team. Secondly, thanks to all of you, my readers for all the encouragement & support.” Congress
General Secretary Digvijay Singh has taken strong objection to this statement saying “Ashwin Kumar
is ungrateful. He did not even bother to thank me. His century could definitely not have been possible
without me”.

Further Ashwin said on his Facebook page “108 articles and 100 solo articles on The Unreal Times”
Reacting to this, Digvijay Singh said, “Even I have 15 articles and 10 solo articles on The Unreal Times”.

Mahatma Gandhi who had returned to haunt the Congress party on April Fool’s day said, “It feels so
nice that Ashwin crossed the magic figure just a day before my birthday. I appreciate his non-violent
method of fighting corruption and upholding freedom of speech and expression. Satire is a special flavor
of Satyagraha wherein you shame the wrong doers without picking up a weapon. Keep it up Ashwin. All

the best. And hope to see your 200th article before my next birthday”.


  1. Nice Tribute :) Congrats Ashwin..200 is just around the corner :) keep writing

  2. Ashwin has really been an inspiration.
    His 2 best articles that I liked were
    1. Picture Series of how Sonia turns tide in UPA favor after Mamata withdraws support.
    2. Big Blow to Modi headlines create world record.

  3. Thank you so much, Anand :)

    It's been an absolute pleasure reading every article of yours too!! :) My favorite was your piece on the 5 SMS cap :) hehe

  4. That is Nice :P

    I also have same sentiments. Do visit our Blog http://www.satirenewsnation.blogspot.in/